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November 17, 2003
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Mech by Legato895 Mech by Legato895
there are allot of errors in this picture but thats what you get when you forget your pencil at school.
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DoctorPerverticus Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist
The linework is very 'Geoff Darrow'. Top notch!
boborly713 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013
ooo, guns on the back of the legs, thats very unique
boborly713 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
supercrackpot Featured By Owner May 25, 2010
Do you mind if I write up some specs for this?
Legato895 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
by all means!
supercrackpot Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
Here's the specs I came up with:

C/BK-37 Quicksilver Light Mech

Dimensions: All of the dimensions are variable, as the Quicksilver’s legs are almost insanely fast and flexible. The Mech weighs 34 tonnes.
Armor: .3m of Mk. 8 Adamant Feather Armor, .5m around the legs, cockpit, and critical systems
Skeleton: Mk. 11 Steel Smoke Alloy
Engine: 400 Lightspeed Engine
Sensors: M-9 Flux Sensor Suite, HCCS (Hellstorm Combat Computer Suite), Long-Range Com System
Weapons: 1x Underslung Heavy Weapon Pod (Usually equipped with a Steelwind Heavy Gatling Autocannon), 1x Underslung Zeus ER Heavy Laser on Multi-swivel Turret, 2x Hammertime Twin-Linked Light Autocannons on Ball Turrets, 2x Stormlance Twin-linked Light Pulse Lasers on Flat Turrets, 2x LRM-8 Missile Launchers with a total of 40 missiles each, 1x Apocalypse Medium Range Missile Launcher with 820 missiles
Other Systems: Helios Flight System, Cockpit Ejection System, Unique Leg Structure, Environmental Sealing, Deep-Space Environmental System, Chaos ECW Suite, Multi-Purpose Extra Cockpit

General History
The Commander/Blitzkrieg Model 37 Quicksilver Light Mech is widely regarded as the most prestigious Mech ever built. This prestige comes from two factors. The first is that the sensor and ECW systems of the Quicksilver turn it into a mobile command base, fully capable of monitoring and controlling full mass-combat actions. The second is the unique leg structure that gave the Quicksilver its name.
The Quicksilver was created, and is solely owned by, Korros Arms, Ltd. Korros Arms as long been known as an elite producer of high-quality arms, armor, and vehicles for the most elite military forces, and the Quicksilver was created as a light, fast command vehicle for heavy combat situations. However, as the designator indicates, many models of the quicksilver had to be produced and tested before a workable model was found, since the complex legs made the Quicksilver very difficult to pilot. Even today, most of the prestige of the quicksilver is because it is so difficult to pilot. Anyone who successfully pilots a Quicksilver through a battle is regarded as a good pilot, at the least. Critics of the Quicksilver call it the “Coward’s Mech”, since its speed and flexibility make it very good at running away.

Notable Features
Even a layman can tell that the legs of a Quicksilver were designed for extreme flexibility. Each leg of the Quicksilver contains 11 extremely durable main joint actuators, as opposed to the usual three or four. This has turned the Quicksilver into the holovid Mech of choice, because an elite pilot can use this flexibility to make the Quicksilver near invulnerable. When an elite pilot brings the Quicksilver into battle, (in the words of Crush Durgan, elite Mech pilot), “Is like tryin’ ta kill smoke-every time you about to hit it, is jes not there.” Many opponents express similar sentiments, adding that even a basic sensor read, much less a target lock of any kind, is nearly impossible. In an age of modern warfare, where almost all soldiers rely on targeting software, the art of eyeballing a target has almost completely disappeared.
These same legs are also lethal close combat weapons. The muscle actuators of the legs are VERY powerful, and are made even stronger by the Lightspeed engine. Many after-battle debriefs mention how easily the legs of the Quicksilver smashed the royal hell out of any enemy Mech foolish enough to get within melee range. Even AW Heavy Mechs (Assault Wall Heavy Mechs, the largest, strongest, and most durable Mechs built) can’t win in a melee against a Quicksilver with a competent pilot. Finally, although many of the leg-mounted weapons are either fixed or on limited turrets, the extreme flexibility of the legs gives them an effectively unlimited field of fire.
All of these benefits are offset by the extreme difficulty of piloting the Quicksilver. The Quicksilver is the most difficult-to-pilot Mech ever built; an average pilot is as likely to crash the Quicksilver as make it walk. This has not greatly damaged the popularity of the Mech, however; aside from stupid pilots who watch too many holovids, being able to pilot a Quicksilver is often used as a rite of passage in elite military units.
The Multi-Purpose Extra Cockpit is designed to facilitate the Quicksilver’s role as a commander’s Mech. The cockpit can fit up to four other people in what is basically a CIC module. In a pinch, the cockpit can also be modified for other purposes.
The Chaos ECW Suite is widely regarded as one of the most effective ECW weapons in existence. ‘Nuff said.
The Apocalypse Medium Range Missile Launcher is an interesting departure from standard missile doctrine. Missiles are generally regarded as high-power weapons used at either short or long ranges to either engage multiple targets, or hammer one target hard, kind of like an assault rifle. The Apocalypse launcher is more like a shotgun, firing 41 missiles at once to smother targets at short to medium ranges. Light and medium Mechs can be obliterated in one shot, while heavy Mechs can be heavily damaged or crippled. This weapon system, combined with the legs of the Quicksilver, have earned it the nickname of “Siege Breaker” after innovative pilots in the Siege of Alcharic used the AMRML and the legs to smash their way through the walls of the city under cover of night and an artillery barrage.

Notable Battles
As mentioned above, one of the most notable battles involving Quicksilvers was actually the first battle which proved their worth. The famous mercenary company, Red Moon, decided to take a few experimental Quicksilvers into the Siege of Alcharic, as part of a business contract with Korros Arms. The city of Alcharic was the capital city of the Garrick Confederacy, which had spent hundreds of years turning it into a fortress. The Taurisians had already sustained a siege of the city for 12 years, and the commanders were under pressure to get it over with. Red Moon mercs, led by their elite Blood Angel pilots piloting the Quicksilvers, sapped the walls and forced entry into the city. It would take more than a year of dirty street fighting to fully occupy Alcharic, during which the 72 Quicksilvers accounted for over 100 Mech kills each. After the battle, the Red Moon mercs sold the story rights to Dreamworld Inc., who created both a five-movie trilogy and an animated series of over 1,000 episodes based on Red Moon consultants. Needless to say, this started the entire Mech holovid craze.

Because of the extreme difficulty of piloting the Quicksilver Mech, most of the time it is used as a command center far behind the lines. Its excessively powerful coms, sensors, and relays make it into one of the most reliable mobile command centers available to any market, and pilots usually just upload autopilot routines for running away if need be. These autopilot routines make the Mech very vulnerable to enemy attack, however, as they do not have any evasive tactics as part of the program. Still, given the immense difficulty of piloting a Quicksilver, Korros Arms has made a killing in selling these autopilot routines as aftermarket packages.
More skilled pilots use it as a scout, collecting data and sending it back to the front lines. The immense speed and flexibility make the Quicksilver nearly impossible to catch, especially when the pilots use the Helios Flight System to take advantage of rough terrain. However, one must be careful when using the Quicksilver this way; pilots who do this still use reduced autopilot routines, and this unstable cooperation between pilot and program can result in crippling leg damage if one is not VERY careful.
As mentioned above, the most skilled pilots completely eliminate the autopilot routines, and they bring this Mech out into pitched battles.
Legato895 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
i am speechless! you really have a way of making something out of nothing!
supercrackpot Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
Thank you :)
YouCannotFalter Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
This reminds me of how ridley scott draws.

i like this alot!
Legato895 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
wow this was ultra old... grave digger :P
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